JMSC6116 Social Media Analytics Assignment 2

By Pamela Lin

I analysed two terms on Twitter on March 8th International Women’s Day, they are Islam and Muslim. As people sometimes confuse with the two terms, I would like to find out how people using the two terms on twitter and how’s Twitter sentiment about this two words in five English speaking countries, US, UK, India, Australia and Canada.

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The Marston menagerie

For 40 years, a British couple in Kathmandu have been raising abandoned animals in their backyard
Ziyu Lin Published on 15-21 December 2017 #888

All pics: Ziyu Lin

Caption: DOGS, DUCKS AND DONKEYS: Wendy with a duck named Dick which she rescued from a butcher just before his head was sliced off.

Wendy and Robin Marston were away from their Sanepa home two weeks ago when they got a frantic call. Their house was on fire. They rushed back to see smoke rising and lots of ash from the burnt grass and hay in the backyard.

The Marston’s store of straw and hay had caught fire, and their pet donkey Puja had brayed loudly until people working inside rushed out to extinguish the flames.

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Animal activists work for the welfare of Nepal’s mules and donkeys
Ziyu Lin in Dhading
Published on Nepali Times 15-21 December 2017 #888


Caption: Mules have longer ears than their parents. They have great perseverance and endurance.

Soon after sunrise on a chilly winter morning, the donkeys are getting ready for another day carrying bricks at a kiln in Dhading. All day, they carry loads of up to 45kg of freshly-baked red bricks, making more than 30 roundtrips up and down the hillside. Some of them have their fore and hind legs tied so they do not stray.

During the brick season from December to June, thousands of equines together with their child handlers, come from India to work in the 300 or so kilns in Kathmandu and surrounding districts. Brick factories pay owners according to the number of bricks they deliver every day, and there is a tendency to overwork the animals.

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